why bosm

Building linux distribution from scratch may be hard, but should be simple — in no more than two steps,

fetch code ---> bosm

and, your distribution is ready to be consumed.

Reproducing a distribution from source the simple way may be good enough to make distribution user happy. However, what developer needs, out of a build system, is way more than that, to just list a few of them,

- distribution should be customizable (true to user as well)
- build fast and build in parallel
- incremental build and per-package amend and rebuild
- simple and clean way of install/uninstall package
- in-place source code change with version control system
- built-in cross compile support

bosm (b-awe-some) is designed to achieve all of the above and more.

what bosm is and is not

bosm is a build system, bosm is not a linux distribution, it builds one (and more) of them. bosm is light weight and simple to use, and bosm has both user and developer support in mind.

bosm is a build system designed to help build your linux distribution and/or software with the following goals,

- simple and easy to use
- fast and incremental/parallel build
- cross compile friendly
- in-place source code change --- no build time copy/staging
- open source licenses management
- git integration

test run

Sounds interesting? to try it out,

repo init -u git://github.com/bosm/manifest && repo sync
export PATH=$PWD/bos/bin:$PATH